Do you have a daily practice?

The benefits of yoga are vast however, if you don’t practice they will elude you. Have you ever wanted a daily practice but just couldn’t get to the studio every day due to time constraints or cost? One of the best motivating factors I found was entering into a medical study.

In 2014 I joined a medical research study. At the time I was just thinking “how nobel it seemed to help advance medicine” but as it turned out it was so much more than that. I found my dedication to my practice heightened. Of course there were days here and there that I missed but having to record and keep track of my practice motivated me to practice. I  knew someone was going to look at my “score card”. The study I entered was Dr. Loren Fishman’s study on yoga and bone strength. He had people participating all over the world and the study spanned a 10 year period. We did the same 12 poses each day to see if there were changes in our bone density.

Bone density is measured with a Dexa scan, a very simple procedure usually done after you turn 50 and every two years afterwards. The two year span on the test is not because there is a lot of radiation exposure, on the contrary,  but because bone are slow to change. This study has since closed and it did show positive data on yoga increasing bone density. Dr. Loren Fishman has started a new study as of the fall of 2016. This new study will be measuring a little more closely the amount of time each pose is held  as well as the intensity level of each pose.

Would you like a nice well rounded and accessible yoga practice and motivation to practice on your own? Join the study. As we age we all will loose some bone mass, some of us more than others. Take part in your continuing health. Start a practice that can help keep your bones dense, can help with your strength and balance and can reduce stress. In 2017 I am offering workshops at several studios to introduce you to the 12 poses as well as explain the “whys” behind them. I also cover in the workshop safe range of motion for someone with bone loss. Yoga has exploded in America over the last several years. I believe it is accessible to everyone but not all poses are good for everyone. We must learn to practice with the bodies and conditions we have in this very moment and because of this I cover safe yoga for someone with bone loss. I am also doing follow-up classes after the workshops. If you are enrolled in the study you will need to practice with a certified Loren Fishman person 2x/month. This will help ensure the accuracy in the data for the study.

Maybe this is just what your yoga practice needs…or maybe it is just what your bones need?   Come help support a healthy aging process and lets do some yoga together. Contact Dr. Fishman at or myself for more information.


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