yoga tools for corona virus stress

During these challenging times our routines have been disrupted and we ALL are uncertain with things changing from day to day. This type of situation can cause stress for our body. Stress may show up as digestion issues, trouble sleeping, increased pain, shortness of breath, unable to concentrate and overall tension in the body. Yoga has so many tools to combat stress, let’s support our bodies, minds and spirits.                         Here are some ideas…

  1. If you need movement to feel better, try an online class, many currently are free. I am working on videos for YouTube specific to Bone Strength as well as Restorative Yoga, breathing and meditation.
  2. Meditation has been the most powerful tool for me to reduce my anxiety. If you don’t have a regular practice, you can look online for people to guide you or try the various apps that are available.  I will be posting a video soon.                                                                                           In the meantime…                                                                                                                           Come to a comfortable seated position (it doesn’t have to be on the floor) and practice a body scan. Notice if you are holding tension in an area and try breathing into that area to relax.                                                                                                       Watch your breath. Notice where you feel it in you body.                                               Try sitting for even just a few moments observing. Practice throughout the day.
  3. Breath is a very powerful tool. Breathe in and out of your nose. Slow down your exhale and try to work towards a ration of exhaling twice as long as the inhale.
  4. Affirmations are a way to reprogram the brain to positivity. These can be very powerful. If you are feeling fearful, find or make up an affirmation. Keep it simple, for example;  “Peace now floods my being” or  “I am safe, I am sound”. Any time your thoughts turn fearful, repeat your affirmation. This might be a hundred times a day. After you have done this for a few days you will be more aware of your thought patterns and hopefully you can eventually feel a shift.
  5. Practice Gratitude. What we focus on grows. The more you are grateful the more gratitude comes into your life. You can also keep a journal and write down three different things you are grateful for at the end of the day.
  6. Help someone. When we get out of our own head and practice compassion we often feel uplifted. This is tricky since we are social distancing right now.  Call a senior or someone you know who lives alone. Texting is great but a call or FaceTime is much better as people are feeling isolated
  7. Play some music and Dance!

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