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2020Jan 2020 Kjesbo, S_ Yoga Tools for Inflammation


NOV 2019 Kjesbo, S_ Release Holiday Tension

Roll+Restore BTC8:19Posture May 2019

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This one time PopUp class is at YogaWorks in Mission Viejo

Roll Out Tension - Susan Kjesbo

Introduction to Meditation

This one time PopUp class is at YogaWorks in Mission Viejo

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GOT … Anxiety, Fear, Judgement, Criticism, Stubbornness?

Attend the Dosha workshop to learn tools that can help Doshas for Beginners2018thumbnail2017


Tune Up Balls Sep2017kjesbo-s-an-introduction-to-ayurveda-and-the-doshas-mv

Past WorkshopsAnxiety & Insomnia May2017







Bone Strength Workshop @ Be The Change

Monday, September 26  from 7-9pm


Monday, October 3 from 7-9pm



Bone Strength


Yoga for Bone Strength

April 2, 2016  2-4:30

Mission Viejo, Yogaworks

$45, $40 before 3/15

Gain an understanding of bone loss and learn about the use of dynamic tension and hold time to increase bone strength using yoga. The workshop will include…

               Safe Ranges of Motion for someone with bone loss

The physiology of bone building

Understanding a DEXA scan reading

Practicing yoga with dynamic tension to increase bone strength

This workshop is suitable for anyone with bone loss or an interest to learn more. Students with osteoporosis or osteopenia are welcome. No yoga experience is required however a general familiarity is helpful. For more information or to register, call 949-380-9642.




January 16, 2016 @ Yoga Bungalow in San Juan Capistrano

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January 12- February 2, 2016    

Tuesdays / 10:30am – 12:30 pm  

Yoga & Figure Drawing

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